Lesson 2: Discussion Questions

The following questions are provided to reflect on the second lesson. You may complete these on your own, although some are more geared towards study groups:

1) Can you think of an example of Chekhov’s gun in a story that you love?

2) How does the story of Abraham point to Christ?

3) Can you think of any other stories in the Bible that point to Christ? Which story and how does it “set-up” the work of Jesus?

4) Review the activity worksheet [How Jesus Fulfills the Law] questions together

5) Read 2 Peter 1:16-21. How do the Words of the Old Testament strengthen our faith in Christ?

6) Some people claim that God is full of wrath in the Old Testament but not in the New Testament. This is not true. Where do you see God’s wrath in the New Testament? Who takes the wrath on our behalf?