Top Resources on Biblical Leadership

Looking to learn more about Biblical leadership and how a relationship with God should impact the way you live, work, and play? I’ve brought together a few of my favorite resources and will continue to add things as I find them. If you have a resource you think worth sharing, then leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Online Resources

The Bible Project: If you want to understand Biblical Leadership, it starts with understanding the Bible. I’ve become a big fan of the Bible Project, where they believe that the Bible is one, unified story that leads to Jesus. They create videos that explain the main themes of the Bible and the individual books of the Bible. Their work really makes the Bible come alive and help you understand the leadership role that God has given humanity in His creation. They also have a great podcast which I also recommend.

Theology of Work: Great website that seeks to understand how Scripture should impact the way we work. We spend a significant amount of time at work and it’s probably where we encounter the majority of our relationships. Having a strong theology of work is an important aspect of leading well.

Ken Blanchard Servant Leadership Course: This is a short video series from a modern day leader when it comes to servant leadership in the business world. Blanchard has written many books and spent tons of hours consulting with organizations. This course includes 8 short videos and is available for free on LinkedIn and has applications for anyone looking to grow as a servant leader.

Introduction to the Story of the Bible: This course was created by Leaders Go Last and provides an overview of the story of the Bible. So often, we think of the Bible as a self-help book or list of rules, but it is actually much more. Learn about good storytelling techniques and then discover those techniques in the Bible. This course will give you a greater appreciation for God’s Word and equip you to lead more effectively in your family, community, and place of work. Watch the first video below:

Books on Biblical Leadership

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Every Good Endeavor: This book, by Tim Keller, is probably my favorite book about how the gospel should impact the way we work. It explains that work is not a curses, but rather an opportunity to bless others. Keller addresses all kinds of careers and callings, and inspires readers to give God the glory in the way we work.


Insourcing: Randy Pope is the author of this book about discipleship. If you lead a small group or want to lead one, then this book is an amazing resource. If you don’t think discipleship is important, this book will help change your mind. Randy is the pastor of a mega church in Atlanta, but he will tell you his most important work has been done leading discipleship groups and enabling others to do the same.


Watership Down: This is a fictional book about rabbits, and probably not what you would expect to see on a list of books about Biblical leadership. Richard Adams’ novel, however, offers one of my favorite and most memorable pictures of servant leadership. The character of Hazel puts others first, recognizes his weaknesses, celebrates the strengths of his people, and ultimately takes a stand against a tyrannical figure.

book on biblical leadership principlesSpiritual Leadership: J. Oswald Sanders writes with a profound and piercing voice that challenges leaders. If you want to find glory and fame as a leader, this is not the book for you. If you need to be reminded of the cost of leadership, then this is where you should start. It’s an incredibly challenging book, but one that will drive you closer to God and help you grow as a servant.


biblical leadership principles of nehemiah15 Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah: You’ve probably already seen this book promoted on the site, but that’s because I wrote it! This book is a 15 day devotional that explores one of my favorite stories in the Bible and looks at different biblical leadership principles. You cannot buy this book anywhere, but it is free for subscribers of Leaders Go Last.

leadership principles of nehemiah

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