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Introduction to the Story of the Bible [Course]


What is the Bible? Is it a collection of moral teachings? An old religious text that’s a little confusing? A list of do’s and do nots? A self-help book?

In this course, you will learn that the Bible is actually a story with one, over-arching narrative. You will also learn about good story structure and key elements of good storytelling. The course analyzes the Biblical narrative, giving you the tools and context you need to understand how the whole Bible fits together and points to Jesus.

This course is now free! Access the course here >>


Wondering why you should take this course on the story of the Bible? You’re in the right place. Below you can read about the key outcomes for the course, how it’s structured, and even watch a couple sample videos from the course!

About the Course:

If someone asked you to describe the Bible, what words would you use? Is it a collection of moral teachings? An old religious text that’s a little confusing? A list of do’s and do nots? A self-help book?

What about a story? Most people know that the Bible has a few different stories in it, some parables and character lessons, but did you know that the Bible has one large, overarching narrative?

It’s a good thing. I love stories. In fact, I could probably get through about 10 different story books in the time it takes me to get through a single self help book.

Not only that, but I have always found I learn more from stories than I do from self-help books. It’s one thing to tell me some good principles to live my life by, but when I see someone living the right way in a story, that sticks.

In this course, we’ll be diving into the structure and methodology of good storytelling. We’ll learn story principles from Pixar, Anton Chekhov, and others.

We will then apply those story principles to the Bible, giving us the tools we need to identify and remember the overarching narrative told in this book.

How does everything tie together? Is the Bible still relevant today? How do you handle some of the weird stuff in the Bible or the things that seem like contradictions?

We’ll dive into all of those topics and more. So join us as we explore the story of the Bible!

Key Outcomes for the Course:

Here are a few of the key lessons and outcomes:

  • Learn about Pixar’s story structure principles and then discover them in the Bible.
  • Build a greater understanding of the overarching narrative of the Bible, which will provide great context to your future Bible studies.
  • Learn about a storytelling principle called Chekhov’s gun and why it matters in the Bible.
  • Identify the many ways the Old Testament points to Christ, and gain a greater appreciation for the work he did on the cross.
  • Great stories change us, and the Bible is no exception. Discover your role in the story that God is still telling today.

What is included in the Course?

The entire course can be taken at anytime, and it is hosted online. I’ve packed as much Scripture and good theology as I can into shorter, bite sized pieces.

The course contains 20 different videos, and each one is about 3-5 minutes long. There are also a handful of activities that will get you into God’s Word and help you apply what you’re learning.

I’ve structured the course into 3 different lessons, which means the entire course could work really well as a 3-week Bible study that you do on your own or with a group.

Here is the full course outline:

Lesson 1: The Structure of Story

In this lesson, we’ll explore the fundamentals of good storytelling and then apply those lessons to the story of the Bible. We look at a variety of stories in the Old Testament and finish with Christ. Topics include:

  • Introduction (the video towards the top of this page)
  • The Pixar Story Structure
  • Activity: Story Structure
  • In the Beginning
  • Until One Day…
  • The Eden Narrative
  • Activity: Solomon and the Eden Narrative
  • The Message of the Old Testament
  • Until Finally…

Lesson 2: Chekhov’s Gun

Chekhov’s Gun is a popular storytelling technique, and it is actually used in the Bible. In this lesson, we’ll define what Chekhov’s Gun actually is and then look at a few examples. We will also answer the question, is Jesus really the only way to salvation? And finally, we discuss bungee jumping to help build our understanding of what it means to believe.

  • What is Chekhov’s Gun?
  • The Story of Abraham
  • The Blood of the Lamb
  • The Tabernacle and the Temple
  • Activity: How Jesus Fulfills the Law
  • Is Jesus Really the Only Way?
  • Reverse the Curse
  • Repent and Believe

Lesson 3: The Denouement

In this final lesson, we discuss the denouement of stories. Jesus has conquered death and will return one day, but what do we do now? How do we live as citizens of Heaven in a broken world? How do we bear good fruit and make the world a better place? The answer, you will find, is surprisingly simple (but it isn’t easy).

  • What is the Denouement?
  • Citizens of Heaven
  • Activity: What does a Citizen of Heaven Look Like?
  • Sanctification
  • The Key to Bearing Fruit
  • Abide
  • Activity: Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  • Conclusion

In addition, to the topics above, each lesson contains a few discussion questions you can review yourself or with your small group.

Can I try the course for free?

If you want to get a taste for what the course is like, then good news! You can watch the first two videos for free! The first one is the introduction and it is towards the top of the page.

The second video in this course is below, and it focuses on the basics of good story structure:

If you want to watch the rest of the course, then you’ll have to register.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to build a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s Word. If you enjoy good stories, you’ll love looking at the Bible through this unique lens of storytelling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re investigating the claims of the Bible, a new believer, or a christian with years of experience. I believe there is something new and fresh for you in this course.

You can register and take this course on your own, but you can also go through the course with a small group. The course contains activities and application questions that will be great to discuss with friends, family, or the members of your Bible study.

The course is offered completely online, and you can register or access it from anywhere in the world. Once you register for the course, you will gain access to the full course and your access will never expire.

What are you waiting for?

If you made it this far, you’re clearly interested in learning more about the Story of the Bible. Go ahead and register, you can start the course today!

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