Introduction to the Story of the Bible 

 January 4, 2021

By  Evan

What is the Bible? Is it a collection of moral teachings? An old religious text that’s a little confusing? A list of do’s and do nots? A self-help book?

In this course, you will learn that the Bible is actually a story with one, over-arching narrative. You will also learn about good story structure and key elements of good storytelling. The course analyzes the Biblical narrative, giving you the tools and context you need to understand how the whole Bible fits together and points to Jesus.

This course contains 3 lessons, with a total of 20 videos and a few activities. You can complete this course on your own, or go through it with a small group (focusing on one lesson each week).

We hope you enjoy the course and pray that it will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s Word. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments.

No registration is required.

Now, let’s get started!

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